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The Pool & Spa Doctor offers Winter Safety Covers for all pool sizes, shapes, and budgets. From basic rectangles to the most complex raised walled water feature, we will come to your home and measure to ensure the best fit. One of the most asked questions is "what is better for me a mesh or a solid?" Below are the positives and the draw backs on each material that you can choose from.

1) Pro Mesh / Smart Mesh / Extreme Mesh

Pros - The tightly woven mesh cover is lighter than a solid cover – it makes putting a cover on the pool, and later taking it off – much easier. Since a mesh cover allows rain and snow to seep through, it’s not required that the pool owner pump water off the cover each time it rains. When the cover is dry, leaves will readily blow off without need for sweeping. A mesh cover typically will cost much less than a solid vinyl cover – sometimes $200 to $600 less. Mesh covers last longer than vinyl covers. Since they don’t need a pump on top, it eliminates a costly item which will need occasional replacement.

Cons - There’s a greater chance for green algae to develop over the winter because sun light is able to pass through the mesh. In the spring, there will be more work to clean up the debris that the cover has allowed into the pool over the winter, if you have not maintained your cover properly.

2) Standard Mesh

Pros - same as the above

Cons - The Mesh is not as tightly woven and you will get even more algae and debris passing through.

3) Solid w/ a Pump or a Mesh Drain Opening

Pros - The solid cover, by keeping out water, rain, debris and leaves, will keep the pool cleaner over the winter. There’s a better chance that in the spring, the pool will be clean when it is opened back up. Since the solid cover doesn’t allow sunlight to pass through, it minimizes the development of algae over the winter, and especially into the early spring months when the weather gets warmer. In the spring, this will translate to less possibility of a cleanup project.

Cons - Putting on and taking off a solid cover will be more of a process – it will take more time and effort. While a mesh cover can be removed by one person, a solid cover will likely require the work of at least two people. Solid covers cost more than mesh covers, sometimes significantly more, as mentioned above, and don’t last as long. Over the winter, the solid cover will require a pool cover pump to drain the water from the cover after it rains.

4) Poly Cover with Water Bags

Pros - Very low cost this cover is under $500

Cons - The water bags must be filled and placed properly to ensure that the cover doesn't move or slide into the pool, the water and debris must be removed or it will sag into the pool. No one can walk on this cover at all, it is unsafe for children and animals.

5) Automatic Pool Covers

Cover Care

Pros - This is a great safety cover, it can be open or closed at will and adults, children and pets can walk on it. It will keep out all debris during the summer too, that if bad weather comes or if you are not using it you can close it up.

Cons - The cost, this is the most expensive of all. The initial price is over 10 thousand, if not taken care of properly, you can burn out motors, ruin pulleys, and you liner if you don't "burp" the cover..

All said and done a cover allows you to protect your children and pets, and keeps you pool safe during the winter. Any cover taken care of properly will protect you investment.

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