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Your pools Liner makes a statement. Whether you have a new pool or you are changing your old liner there an amazing variety of patterns and styles that will allow you to add to the decor of the entire backyard. Below are our major manufacturers each one offers liners in both 20 and 28 mil as well with the Textured Step options.



Merlin Industries

Below is the step by step process of changing the liner.


Choosing Your Liner

Color & Pattern:

Before driving yourself crazy looking at the liner patterns and borders we always suggest that you decide what shade you either. Either, Dark Blue, Medium, Light or a Tan that give you an Aqua Blue. Once you are able to pick that than you can start looking at the Border Patterns. Some of the manufacturers have their liner selection split up into shades, others don't. You can always contact the office, or stop in to see all of the patterns available. Many times the brochure or looking online isn't the same as seeing the material in person. Once you have a few ideas in mind we can always show you pictures of how the Liners look installed, and we can take you to see them in person. The staff is always here to help you make the decision. Scroll through the pictures on the right to see the different shades.


Choosing your new Liner also allows you the option of upgrading to as thicker vinyl material. Liners thickness is expressed in gauge & mil, not be confused with millimeters. The thicker vinyl is 30 gauge, or 28/27 mils. Those rough equal out to .026-.0275 inches, the standard mil is 20 .020 inches. The heavy mil is meant to with stand more use last longer against chemicals and natural wear and tear. It is an upgrade and does cost more.


Every manufacturer carries basically the same warranty with little variation. They range from 15-20 yrs with the first 2-3 yrs as a full warranty and the rest a pro-rated rate, which is just a percentage you would have to pay based on how old the liner is. Liner warranties also only cover seams, if you believe the liner is fading due to an issues with the actual liner itself someone from the Liner company will come out to determine if they think it is chemical damage or not.



Once you have decided on your Liner pattern we will ask you to sign a Liner Wavier which has the installation process laid out in step by step directs. Below is that same process along with pictures to help with any questions or concerns you may have. You can also click here to view and print the Liner Wavier Form & The Installation Process Sheet.

Once we have placed the order for the Liner it normally takes 1-2 weeks for delivery. Based on the weather, once we get your Liner we can schedule installation. The first question I always get is "Do I have to drain the water". No. We come to your house day of and empty the pool, with the pump we use it takes about 1-2 hrs depending on the size of your pool.


How Ground Water Affects Your Pool

When replacing a liner or digging for a New Pool there is always a chance that we may hit Ground Water. Ground Water is all of the water naturally occurring the ground either from underground streams, drainage, normal table water or from rain water. Although there may not have been an issue during the original construction of your pool water problems arise as streams shift naturally due to seasonal changes with weather, earth movement and any surrounding construction.

All reasonable attempts will be made to connect any existing point system that has previously installed. It is possible that the system has become inoperable and a new well point system may have to be installed.

To control the Ground water we would dig a trench around the pool lay gravel down with a 1.5" flex pipe that will act as a conduit for the water to flow down with a pump which will begin to pull the Ground Water out from under the pool.

The price for this begins at $2500.00 and increases with the severity of the Ground Water and changes from site to site. Sometimes we will be able to predict if you will have Ground Water due to your location, though sometimes there is Ground Water at locations that has never had it before. 

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